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Connect to multiple SOA / BPM Virtual Machines from different computers in your network

Today I’d like to explain how to share instances of Oracle's Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite and BPM Suite across different computers in your network. Three requirements I had to address:
  1. Call of external services like GeoNames ( from within the BPM Suite VM
  2. Connection to multiple BPM Suite VMs from Host (e.g. JDeveloper and Browser)
  3. Connection to multiple BPM Suite VMs from different developer computers in the network 
  4. Share data between VMs and developer computers via FTP
The default options already support connections between host and client. However the target here was to address multiple independent VMs from different computers in the same network. The following settings worked in my environment:
1) Start the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager and open network settings of the VM.
2) Select Bridged Adapter in “Attached to”. Bridged Networking is used when you want your vm to be a full network citizen, i.e. to be an equal to your host machine on the network (see Networking in VirtualBox for more details).
3) Select the name of your network adapter. Take into account that when you change your connection method (WIFI / Cable) a different network adapter is required. Get the appropriate name from the network settings of the host.
4) Specify the Adapter Type.
5) Start the VM.

6) Per default the VM receives the IP via DHCP method. Open a terminal window in the client and send the following command as root user to get the current IP address information of your VM. Instead of DHCP you could also change the connection method of your VM to a static address.

ifconfig <CONNECTION-NAME>  (e.g. ifconfig eth1) 

7) Another way to get the IP information is the network icon at the bottom of the Oracle VM VirtualBox window.

8) Connect or ping this IP address (here: from the host or from a different computer in your network. I suggest adding the IP address to your etc/hosts-file in order to address the VM via names instead of a static IP addresses. If successful start the SOA / BPM Server and enjoy the remote development. If not please check your firewall and router settings. Good luck!


  1. Good day all . i need your help on my BPMSOA research methodology . Any comments are welcome

    3.1 Introduction

    This section starts by explaining the BPM SOA terminology to provide a greater understanding of BPM SOA subject. The important principles in BPM SOA implementation shall be explained and an analysis of the methodologies shall be explored in the next section. A methodology shall be chosen and the advantages explained.

    3.4 Analysis of the methodologies and tools

    A number of writers agree that there has not been established a standard unified methodology for the BPMSOA implementation and service identification and definition. (Ricken & Petit , 2010) (Fareghzadeh, 2008).According to Ricken & Petit (2010) the factors determining the BPM SOA methodology to be used include organisational circumstances such as availability of finance, culture, how mature and capable IT is. Madiesh & Wirtz,(2008) advocates a top down BPM/SOA approach however; Rosen,(2007) argues a lack of value generation and views it as unviable. Rosen, (2007) further suggests that a bottom up approach establishes solitary services not supporting reuse throughout the organization. (Fareghzadeh, 2008) and Inaganti & Behara (2007) proposes meet-in-the-middle approach integrating and optimising the two strategies. An optimised business driven approach combines the strength of the bottom up and top down approaches allowing elimination of duplications in data and applications logic also providing an in-depth analysis and understanding of business processes (Inaganti & Behara, 2007).
    3.5 BPM SOA Optimised methodology.

    Business drive and SOA principles are incorporated throughout the modelling and integration of current services and processes in this methodology .This provides a guaranteed fit to enterprise functional requirements and an understanding of proof-of-concepts for use in test projects. (Fareghzadeh, 2008) An iterative and repeatable delivery cycle including the steps of identifying problem or opportunity areas, requirements gathering, modelling and design of prototype, implementation, testing and verification is adopted ensuring business needs are met. (Inaganti & Behara, 2007) (Lins, et al., 2012)

    The optimised BPM SOA Methodology involves the following stages
    a)Defining business case, key improvement and opportunistic areas and their importance
    b)Creation of process models and process choreography,
    c)Definition of appropriate applications and interfaces.
    d)Services composition and abstracting technology execution.
    e)Processes are implemented and monitored for execution accuracy
    f) Governance and constant process improvement (Wang&Asthana, 2010) (Fareghzadeh, 2008)
    g)Change management plan and user training.

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  2. 3.6 Case study organization

    An empirical approach is adopted in the BPM SOA implementation on a company called ABC Motors. ABC Motors, a vehicle sales and services was chosen due to the need to enhance the service order processing by reducing the lead times and also develop a new panel shop service. The dynamic market environment in which ABC Motors operates shall also reveal the need for business agility and a flexible, scalable and nimble, adaptable architecture and business IT alignment.

    PESTEL analysis tool shall give the market environment context including legal and technological factors influencing ABC Motors and this information shall govern strategy formulation and implementation (Walsh, 2005).Porter’s five forces tool shall also be applied to analyze the profitability and attractiveness of the automobile industry (Miller, 1988 ). SWOT analysis shall give ABC internal strengths and weaknesses and also the external opportunities and threats. Primary revenue generating activities and supporting activities contributing to a competitiveness position and business interactions with value chain partners shall be obtained from ABC value chain analysis tool (Hill & Westbrook , 1997) (Rosen,2007).

    Requirements gathering.

    Key people making the BPM SOA implementation steering committee are the MD (sponsor), business unit manager, the IT head, enterprise architect, system developer, and business analyst. The HR manager shall provide ABC Motors organizational chart and the various job descriptions for the roles including the proposed panel shop. Skype and Gmail shall be used for communicating and exchange of documents such as questionnaires, interview scripts and other charts and diagrams with ABC key people (Lech, 2012). A business cost center and budget shall be created including training cost and the hired architect and system developer.

  3. vi) Governance and constant process improvement
    In BPM SOA governance rules and best practices for using the architecture, services and business processes .In BPMSOA governance established are the service contracts management, lifecycle management, information management and interoperability issues providing the desired functional levels of quality and supporting continuous improvement. BPM SOA Governance shall include definition of services levels changes how service are invoked for monitoring and control of service performance and changes. It is at this stage that the operational management occurs on the performance and operational aspects of the orders processes (Inaganti & Behara, 2007).
    Users are trained and workshops are held to support change management and reinforce the organizational culture.
    3.7 Limitations of the optimized business driven SOA Methodology.

    The methodology takes long due to the iterative steps and it also requires continuous commitment from the business and IT people. Complexity of the optimized business driven SOA methodology requires strong interpersonal and effective communication and flexibility in the human skills and problem solving techniques amongst the steering committee members and stakeholders coupled by effective organizational change management.
    3.8 Conclusion

    Various methodologies were explored which include a top down and bottom up approach and an optimised middle out approach. There exists no unified approach to BPM SOA methodology and no standard tool for the design and execution of processes, however for this study a business driven optimised SOA approach was chosen for ABC Motors as giving the best results. Based on the business needs to enhance the business processes and develop a new panel shop facility an agile approach with an iterative continuous cycle including, requirements gathering ,implementation, testing and verification was taken to come to the best solution with the shortest lead times. The project also was executed in a step by step fashion starting with the orders processing.

    Chapter three evaluated the BPM SOA methodologies however an optimized business driven SOA shall be adopted and applied to ABC Motors in the next chapter.

    Appendix 1
    Questionnaire for Business Unit manager and IT manager.

    1. What are the key business objective for the unit orders handling and businesses processes, products, services and their related activities and their dependencies for the organization that are linked to the orders processing. (Juric & Pant, 2008)

    2. What are the orders processing lifecycle and what are the events, triggers of events, actors and information (document) flow from the first contact with the customer to the delivery of the service? (Matei,2010).
    3. What are the activity flow for business rules and policies decision points in the process and the failure paths?
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)(Matei,2010).

    4. What are the current processes lead time and other metrics used to measure and appraise the orders processing? When peak when low amount of transactions and handling capacity.
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)

    5 What strategies are you trying to implement (Juric & Pant, 2008)(Matei,2010).

    6 What are the current processes metrics used to measure and appraise the system performance?
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)

    7 What are the business rules and policies governing the processes that are going to be encapsulated?
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)

    8 What information and data is shared by the departments and what information shall be needed?
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)

  4. What value is expected of the new processes to customers in future?
    (Wang & Asthana , 2010)

    10 Which internal and external systems will the orders process interact with?
    (Muehlen & Shapiro , 2009)

    11 What are requirements reporting and formats and who sign off the requirements and final production for this process?
    (Muehlen & Shapiro , 2009)

    12 Upon testing and improvement of business process questions asked include: Does the process meet: metrics specified, business rules correct implementation, does it reduce the lead times. (Cognizant, 2009)

    13 What are the various levels of management in a business?
    ( Ko, Lee, & Lee, 2009)

    Questionnaire for System developer

    1 Based on the abstract process activities what are the important candidate services (Fareghzadeh, 2008)

    2 How the processes interact what data and functionality is shared amongst the processes
    (Peltz, 2003 )

    3 What parts of the business process can be automated (Inaganti & Behara, 2007)

    4 What are the process boundaries and what are the processes that overlap /intersect/conflict with each other?
    (Keen, et al,2006)
    5 What would you say is the key in orders processing sharing or flexibility? (Fareghzadeh, 2008)

    6 What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be implemented around the processes to measures departmental productivity
    (Fareghzadeh, 2008)

    7 What are the SLA and metrics to test the services performance issues. (Linthicum, 2010)

    8 How are fault and exception issues are handled and how should be the service behave in cases of errors and exceptions. (Wohed, Van der Aalst, & Dumas, 2009)

    9 What are the IT governance practices and policies being implemented

    Questionnaire for System architect
    Questions Reference
    1 Based on the abstract process activities what are the important candidate services
    (Linthicum, 2010)

    2 What are the systems, business logic, task execution order and Technological encapsulation? (Peltz, 2003 )

    3 What are the information capabilities that needed to support the business processes, products, and services?
    (Inaganti & Behara, 2007)

    4 What SOA services are crucial to providing those business capabilities and information in supporting orders processing
    (Juric & Pant, 2008)

    5 Which services can be integrated and what is the implication on security and business culture.
    (Fareghzadeh, 2008)

    6 The level of data integration system throughputs puts metrics. Exception handling. Metrics, flexibility, scalability.

    (Fareghzadeh, 2008)

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