Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OOW 2012: Oracle BPM / Oracle ADF Integration Best Practices

Unfortunately Oracle Open World 2012 is already the past. It was a great conference in a wonderful city. I am looking forward to meet all the interesting people and friends next year again. In this article I'd like to share the slides from my session with Andrejus Baranovskis. We really enjoyed to share our experiences from the last couple of years. The room was almost fully booked with interested BPM- and ADF-users and the feedback afterwards was very nice.

What was the target of our session? 

With this session we wanted to bring valuable practical experiences from the Oracle BPM / ADF integration field, based on our technical involvement into several Oracle Fusion projects. We shared different customer cases, where we applied Oracle BPM / ADF solutions. We focused on Oracle BPM Human Task reusability, Oracle BPM Data Control packaging and integration into ADF application - how to make it maintainable and reusable for large development teams and many human interactions.

Furthermore we introduced technical patterns for BPM / ADF applications developed in our projects. One of these patterns was the Generic Task Handler, which allows to minimize the number of BPM Human Task Definitions, especially in large BPM/ADF implementations. The pattern decouples the dependency between the Data Control related to the BPM Human Task and its consuming ADF UI application. As Andrejus described this is the key to develop more flexible ADF User Interfaces and to reduce the development time of human centric processes significantly.

Always having performance, maintenance and product or process migrations in mind - we additionally provided examples for the following Best Practices:
  • Decoupling of business data from process instance data
  • Customizing of BPM Workspace with ADF
  • Housekeeping for BPM and ADF (Purging, Monitoring)
  • Architecture based on multiple layers
  • Re-execution of processes (Fault Management, Replay, Entry Points, etc.)
  • ADF security integration
  • Useage of MDS to share metadata
If you have problems accessing the embedded slideshare presentation please let us know.


  1. Hi Danilo, your presentation with Anrejus was really great, I was lucky to attend. However you talked about some case study of yours in your own presentation in which you also shared some really great optimization and performance tips on BPM / SOA Suite and especially on large-scale deployments. I cannot seem to be able to locate your slides either on the OOW 2012 content catalog under your session or in your own blog. Would you be kind enough to share your own slides as well?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Vangelis,

      i am glad to hear that you enjoyed our session. You can also download the slides from or from the content catalog under Let me know if you need something else.
      Best regards,

    2. Great, Got it!. Thank you very much.


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