Friday, September 30, 2016

My Oracle OpenWorld Sessions in 2016

Exciting days are behind us. As every year we visited Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco. To summarize it briefly: It was again a great event! There was an amazing and special spirit around. 

Increasing Cloud Adoption

What we noticed in the last twelve month is that Cloud became reality for our clients. I remember my visit at OOW in 2011 when Larry Ellison announced the Oracle Public Cloud. That time cloud felt a bit far away for a SOA / BPM solution architect like me working in EMEA. I still had the same feeling at OOW 2013 when Oracle announced a bunch of new cloud services like Database Cloud, Java Cloud, Documents Cloud and some others. It looked promising but it still seemed to be far away for our clients in the European market. I remember that I said to a colleague: "It looks great but I think it takes another 5 - 10 years that our clients will start using it". Now I have to state, that I was completely wrong here. 

In 2016 we noticed a significant increase of customer requests asking for consulting in cloud strategy, cloud architecture and cloud development. There is a wide range of clients which are starting initiatives in these areas - global players, medium-sized companies, e-commerce clients and startups. For this reason our company decided to introduce a new Competence Center "Cloud" in order to consolidate skills across all of our locations, to optimize knowledge exchange and to to define aspects like architecture blueprints and best practices.

Presentation Material

Things keep on changing – today even faster as in the past. Therefore it is important that we open our minds and leave our comfort zones. For this reason I left my comfort zone about BPM this year to focus on DevOps, Internet of Things (IoT) an of course Cloud Computing.

Together with my colleague (and friend) Sven Bernhardt I presented the following session:

1) Test-Driven Cloud Development with Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle Developer Cloud Service [CON4620]

Abstract: Automated tests are key for quality assurance and for ensuring business agility from a long-term perspective. That is especially important in complex integration projects if you develop your integrations on-premises or in the cloud. If a hybrid strategy is used, it is important to have a consistent testing approach for cloud and on-premises. In this session learn how to implement a consistent approach based on Oracle SOA Cloud Service that works on-premises and in the cloud. See how this approach can test BPEL, BPMN, SB, Java, human tasks, XSLT, and XQuery across all relevant test layers (elementary unit tests, component tests, end-to-end tests) consistently.

I also had the honour to present along with Lucas Jellema (Amis), Lonneke Dikmans (eProseed Europe s.a.), Wilfred van der Deijl (The Future Group) and Mark Simpson (Griffiths Waite) in an ACE Director Cloud Session:

2) Soaring Through the Clouds: Live Demo on Integrating 10 Oracle PaaS Services [CON3031] 

Abstract: Oracle ACE directors have a new mission: complete a complex end-to-end business flow across at least 10 Oracle platform-as-a-service (PaaS) services—in front of a live audience. This session shows how a document-driven human workflow triggers an integration flow to update a third-party application, which in turn emits events that are processed in real time and results in findings that are published through a REST API in a user-friendly front end. The Oracle PaaS cast includes Oracle Documents Cloud Service, Oracle Process Cloud Service, Oracle Sites Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service, Oracle Java Cloud Service, Oracle SOA Cloud Service, and an Oracle JavaScript Enterprise Toolkit application on a Node.js container on Oracle Application Container Cloud.

Feel free to download the slides and start playing with the different cloud services!


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