Friday, November 7, 2014

Moving from a File-Based MDS Repository to a Database-Based MDS in Oracle BPM / SOA 12c

You might have noticed that Business Rules editing during runtime is not available in SOA / BPM 12c domains that have been installed from the Quickstart distribution. This is because for those domain configs the underlying MDS is configured as a file-based repository. For the development in our projects we very often use a SOA / BPM Compact Domain. The change of Business Rules without re-deployment is quite important for us because we work a lot with Adaptive Case Management – and there Business Rules and live changes are a key benefit (which we are also demonstrating in demos / POCs / etc.).

Rules Editing in SOA Composer
Rules Editing in SOA Composer (with DB-based MDS)

You can move from a file-based repository to a database-based repository. In our CattleCrew-Blogpost Re-configure a compact domain to use a DB-based MDS instead of a File-based MDS my colleague Sven Bernhardt and me describe how to do that. Please note that you cannot move from a database-based repository to a file-based repository. Please also note that this approach is not documented in the Oracle documentation, so it is not officially supported

After going through the steps below it should be possible to edit rules and DVMs during runtime.